Membership & Tuition Fees

Membership fees for 2024

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Fees payable to Head Office 2024


Requirements for membership

Institutional members

  • Members working for institutions join as institutional members.

Professional membership
(Formal qualification or equivalent successful music teaching experience)

  • 3-year diploma or licentiate or degree in music teaching and/or
  • at least 3 years music teaching experience and/or
  • position as music teacher at an Institutional Centre.

Supporting membership

  • Interested in SASMT activities but not necessarily a teacher

Independent members

  • Same requirements as professional members in the absence of a centre nearby.

Student membership

  • Registered music students.

Dual membership

  • Members of Institutional Centres may also apply for Ordinary Centre membership.

Application Forms


Recommended Tuition Fees

The recommended minimum music tuition fee for professional music teachers is currently R425 per hour. This also applies to accompaniment.