Webmaster Report

General Feedback:

I dedicated consistent time every Monday and Tuesday evening to ensure regular updates on the SASMT website, while also remaining flexible to accommodate urgent updates when necessary. This approach ensured timely dissemination of crucial information.

Visual Enhancements:

In 2023, we made significant strides in enhancing the visual identity of the SASMT brand. Notably, we improved the quality of the SASMT logo by retracing it to eliminate pixelation issues. This updated logo was seamlessly integrated across all platforms, including the website and magazine, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation. Additionally, custom graphics were crafted to enhance the visual appeal of the website, particularly for thumbnail images accompanying various posts. These efforts were in alignment with SASMT’s commitment to excellence in presentation and user experience.

Member List Restructuring:

A pivotal development in 2023 was the restructuring of member lists. To streamline this process, we established a dedicated Gmail account for the webmaster, granting access to Google Drive. A template for member lists was then devised and hosted on the drive, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy in list maintenance.

Content Guidelines:

When submitting content for publication, I encourage including accompanying artwork such as posters, designs, marketing materials, and logos, if available. However, I kindly request that these resources meet quality standards, preferably without pixelation issues, to ensure a polished presentation.

Financial Transparency:

It’s essential to mention that the hourly rate for website maintenance remains consistent at R200.00 per hour for the upcoming year, ensuring transparent and predictable cost management.

In closing, I want to express my gratitude for choosing V-Design and for your unwavering support. We remain dedicated to offering exceptional assistance, advice, and services. Should you decide to continue with our services for the upcoming year, it would be our pleasure to serve you once again.